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KC ENews Subscription

Each day, Karib Cable's subscribers enjoy access to over 100 channels of quality picture and sound, including access to 4 exclusive packages: Choice, Movies, Sports and Adult. In addition our Tokens provide a "pay as you watch" module. We offer access to quality programming delivered to homes, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, the airport and the hospital.

Karib Cable presents an all-star selection of movies, sports, news, information and entertainment. Our cable box service offers a wide variety of pricing packages. Once you have the Basic Package, it's easy to add on the Premium Package(s) that's right for you and your family such as the Movie Package featuring multiple channels of premium networks.

Laugh, cry, cheer, or just kick back and relax.

With over 100 channels of clear, reliable entertainment, Karib Cable's Basic TV is a simple and convenient way to entertain your entire household. Whatever you're looking for - movies, sports, news, music videos, documentaries, hit TV shows, children's programming - find more of it with Karib Cable.

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Movies Package

The ultimate in movie entertainment.
Your one stop shop for all the latest hit movies that start any time you want with no trips to the video store. Thousands of hit movies and shows available at the tip of your finger including new releases.


Sports Package

Exciting action-packed sports from around the world.
Craving more international soccer, extreme or motor sports? For sports fans who just can't get enough, our Sports Package is packed with favorites - Wrestling, NCAA Basketball and NASCAR, as well as Championship Tennis, and exclusive International Soccer matches from Spain, Italy and Latin America.


Choice Package

ALL major Pay-Per-View events and 24-hour Blockbuster Movies
Hungry for Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling & Boxing Pay-Per-View Action? Get all the major PPV Events and replays in one place.  If that wasn’t enough, enjoy the latest Blockbuster movies including sixteen new premieres every month all day long for ONLY $15 per month.


Adult Package

Variety of Adult Entertainment
Tune into after dark entertainment and get access to the hottest variety of adult programming with two password protected channels.



Get access to All Channels in the Box

  • Purchase tokens for ONLY $2.87 each and receive up to 3 hours of package channel viewership
  • Access is granted to All the channels on the box
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Prepaid, credit does not expire

Parental Controls
Please contact us to help you find the best way to set up parental controls in your home.